World MapActivites to get you started

Task 1: Researching career roles
This activity provides some career ideas typical of those chosen by History graduates. Select a few which interest you, and using occupational profiles from Graduate Prospects (the graduate careers web-site) find out about the skills and qualities important for success.

Download Task 1 (Word Document, 144kB)

Task 2: Analysing job vacancy adverts
This activity helps you break down advertised vacancy information: job description and person specification, identifying and analysing the skills and attributes required, and what would be the features of a successful application.

Download Task 2 (Word Document, 391kB)

Task 3: History graduate profiles
Using some case studies of history graduates, find out more about making the most of time at university to prepare for your future. The graduate case study exercise will help you extract advice and tips about getting started in that field, and help you gather further essential information from other sources.

Download Task 3 (Word Document, 112kB)

Download History Graduate Case Study 1 (PDF Document, 19kB)

Download History Graduate Case Study 2 (PDF Document, 19kB)