American ConstitutionEffective Self-Presentation

Preparing for application processes

Task 7: Your unique selling points:
Understanding yourself and what you can offer. An activity designed to help you assemble specific examples which evidence some typical job requirements. You also need to practise summing up your unique qualities and attributes, and be ready to answer that challenging question at interview: can you tell me a bit about yourself?

Download Task 7 (Word Document, 96kB)

Task 8: Developing and refining your CV
To ensure your CV gets noticed and has immediate impact, your achievements  and experiences need translating into  the ‘language’ of selection criteria: achieving clarity and relevance needs careful editing. A personal profile task is designed to summarise your key strengths and aspirations succinctly, perhaps for your covering letter.

Download Task 8 (Word Document, 106kB)

Task 9: Practice interview questions
Prepare ahead by considering some typical interview questions, share stories which would make convincing answers, either in pairs or individually in writing.

Download Task 9 (Word Document, 98kB)