HerodotusFocus on yourself

Analysis of personal strengths and qualities

Itís difficult to present yourself convincingly to others, for example an interview panel, without really understanding your strengths, motivations and aspirations. Taking time to evaluate what you have gained from a range of different learning experiences will help you clarify the person you are and what you can offer to a role or organisation.


Task 4: Linking your academic skills to those valued by employers
This activity helps you to break down selected academic tasks and the skills involved. Through a series of reflective questions you are then encouraged to identify specific tasks and see how they correspond to the generic graduate attributes which frequently form the basis of selection processes, both on application forms and at interview.

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Task 5: Reflective summary
Some prompts to think about overall learning points, personal insights and understanding, and new areas for investigation, from any learning activity. This can be applied to academic, work-related and extra-curricular experiences, and is useful for articulating the benefits gained, in preparation for explaining these to others.

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Task 6: Critical incident
Reflection is the ability to look back at experiences and to make sense of them in order to repeat what worked well and to learn from mistakes! Questioning our experiences helps us become more aware of our strengths and how we approach tasks. By analysing what was really going on we can discover new things about ourselves, about dealing with others, and managing situations more effectively.

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