Making plans for your future - how this pack can help

The materials in this pack are designed to help you:

  1. Be aware of skills gained through specific study activities, and how they are relevant elsewhere
  1. Think actively about your personal and academic development, particularly in relation to future career options and employability
  1. Record concrete examples you can use in applications for jobs, placements or further study
  1. Gain experience in applying these skills in different situations, through paid or voluntary work opportunities
  1. Broaden your career options by providing information, case studies, contacts and resources
  1. Prepare for your future success by relevant information-gathering, making the most of networking, and planning ahead

Question mark icon Research shows that many graduates take a year or more to move into their chosen career, and even then may start at the bottom of the ladder in order to access competitive areas of work.


We hope that using this pack will help you reduce that gap between graduation and accessing the career you want!


Making the links