Why study Geography or Environmental Science?

'Geography/Environmental Science graduates have a long track record in gaining employment across a number of different professions and organisations, including environment-based industries. The skills and qualities developed through studying these disciplines are highly transferable into a variety of roles and different working environments, and form the basis of the real contributions highly motivated and able employees can make to an organisation.’

Student Employability Profile, Higher Education Academy


Geography and Environmental Science: a unique combination of skills
A particularly wide range of skills relevant to employment are developed through the learning of geography & environmental science and their stimulating use of contemporary issues and real world examples.

Geographers and Environmental Scientists use their skills and knowledge in a wide variety of careers, including:

Financial services Marketing and retailing Management
Personnel Computing Information Services
Conservation Leisure and tourism Water companies
Planning Heritage Management Media
Public Services Research Teaching
Environmental Research Environmental Agencies Civil Service

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Developed with funding from the HEA Subject Centre for Geography, Earth and Environmental Science (GEES)