What do employers of graduates think?

You may well be employed for some of your career in a larger organisation and recent research shows that for many employers of graduates individual ownership for self-development is a key factor for career success. This is reflected in:

An example from the teaching profession:

The General Teaching Council for England has a Teachers Professional Learning Framework which emphasises CPD:

'Guided, planned and structured participation in professional learning will support teachers in reflecting on and enhancing practice.'

'Teachers understand that maintaining and developing skills, knowledge and expertise is vital for success.

also supports professional development with an online mapping and planning tool for teachers to track progress.

'Taking responsibility for your own CPD is an important part of every teacher's professionalism. Thinking clearly about what you need, and being proactive in securing it:

Similar training and development standards have been developed for roles across business, commerce and the public sector, so you are likely to come across this practice early on in your career. You may already do something similar in your part-time job.

Reflection is a crucial habit for lifelong learning, worth nurturing now!

Task 4: In-depth reflection: Developing reflective writing skills