Effective Applications : Making a good impression

Making a good impression – presenting yourself in writing and preparing for interview


Making applications for jobs involves proving to what extent and in what situations you have acquired the skills employers want. Even applying for part-time jobs or work placements will mean identifying experiences which have developed such skills and qualities, and how you have practised using them in different settings. Such examples will be needed for application forms, writing personal statements for further study, and for performing well at interviews!
The ability to analyse your examples and show how you can apply or transfer your skills to new work contexts is also a very valuable skill in itself, as adaptability and flexibility are key attributes in a fast-changing world.

It is never too early to start - you may be applying for a vacation scheme or work placement sooner than you think!

Refining your CV: creating a CV with impact

  1. Look back at records of your skill development, work placement notes, and any reflective accounts of your progress.
  2. Compose a personal profile of your strengths and goals – to use in your CV or perhaps in your covering letter.
  3. Use the ‘So what?’ technique to make sure your CV evidences skills from real experiences, which have potential to ‘transfer’ to the job role.

There are many resources to help you with these aspects of skills awareness for making applications, and surviving selection processes. See the resources list.


Task 8 - Preparing for application forms


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