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Why study English?

'English is a flexible and adaptable subject that opens up a wide range of careers.'

'Contrary to popular belief, teaching is not the main occupation of English graduates. Many go into general management, research and consultancy and the public services, as well as publishing and the creative industries.'

'Graduates in English possess skills in written and oral communication, working independently and thinking critically, which are highly valued by employers.'

From 'Why Study English?' English Subject Centre, HEA

'Past graduates in English have made their mark in a whole range of careers, including the media and teaching as well as in many fields in public service and business.'

'Having a good degree can make a real difference, particularly in the early years of working. But professional success also lies in being able to apply a range of skills fostered at university and beyond.'

'English graduates are highly employable when they are able to combine the benefits of their academic study with skills both common to other subjects and also distinctive to English.'

'Career opportunities for English graduates are many and varied, often in roles that bear no obvious relation to the study of English. In these circumstances, it is a high priority to be able to demonstrate sound personal transferable skills of value to employers.'

From Student Employability Profile, HEA/CIHE

Employability Skills developed through your study of English