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Career planning - further resources

Prospects Web Resources

English degree

Apart from suggestions elsewhere in this pack, the following web-based resources on Prospects http://www.prospects.ac.uk are excellent for broadening your ideas.

  1. Options with a Degree in English http://www.prospects.ac.uk/links/englishdeg
  2. Your Degree What Next? http://www.prospects.ac.uk/links/yourdegree
  3. What do Graduates Do? http://www.prospects.ac.uk/links/wdgd

Employment Sectors

Prospects Sector Briefings give an overview of an employment sector with example roles for graduates and how to get started, plus case material. Here are some examples which might interest you:

Occupational Profiles

Each profile has cross-references to other roles to broaden your ideas, and includes information on typical roles, work style, salaries, prospects, training:

General links

Some examples of professional/industry training bodies


Broadcasting & Media




Arts Management

Community/youth work

Charity Management

Other training bodies

The National Guidance Research Forum has further valuable information on industry sectors, including the media http://www.guidance-research.org/future-trends/media/

Another useful source of industry information is http://www.doctorjob.com

Internal Resources

Use Careerplan http://oldweb.northampton.ac.uk/stu/CMS/index.htm for your complete guide to Career Management Skills, including sections on Improving Chances, Making Applications and Networking Skills

Look at the Careers Service resources, including Further Study options, Working abroad and gaining experience

Visit the Careers Information Centre for more detailed resources – these include specific useful web-site lists for all sectors of employment and areas of interest.

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