Engineering Student holding a castYour placement log

You will be required to keep a technical log of the progress of projects on your work placement, but keeping track of your own progress towards becoming a professional engineer - your developing skills, insights, and responses to the workplace - will also be very valuable. Updating records of your progress is usual practice for maintaining your professional registration throughout your career.

Keeping a regular record

It is recommended that you update your log every day - take a moment to think back to a month ago:

Set out your notes in a way that is useful to you, perhaps adding a column or short section alongside your project log sheets to track your personal progress. It will depend on your own individual style as to whether you use:

Practising language of Skills

Being able to analyse your activities and clearly articulate the skills you have used is a skill in itself. This will prove invaluable throughout your career, from completing graduate job/course application forms, explaining your personal development at interview, or convincing your employer that you deserve promotion or extra responsibility.

As you become involved in more sophisticated activities, so the language you use to describe and analyse tasks and achievements should become more specific - for example:


Task 3: Engineering placement log (MS Word 104KB)