What do graduates of Dance or Drama actually do?

Alumni case studies

Katherine, BA Performance Studies, Northampton, Project Marketing Coordinator, ‘Off the Hook’

I work as Project Marketing Co-ordinator for a voluntary sector organisation, marketing services for people who suffer with drug and/or alcohol misuse, particularly promoting these to hard to reach communities. Rewarding aspects include helping people to help themselves, and designing publicity, while something I find very challenging is working with people who are still using. I gained the experience & qualifications through a combination of my degree and part time work whilst at university, starting off as a volunteer for a charity was a great start, as I then got promoted to various paid positions. In terms of my longer term career goals, I am currently studying for a  Masters degree in the Arts, which will, I hope allow me to lecture at undergraduate level, and further my personal journey in becoming a Video Artist.

In what ways did your studies help your career or personal development?

It helped me hugely in both areas. From a career point of view; it gave me the space to find my creative specialism, whilst also giving me an enormous range of theoretical and practical knowledge and skills. Personally, it has helped my confidence and self-esteem no end, and strengthened my communication skills, all of which are vital for everyday life. Other skills from my degree useful in my current role include collaborative work, visual understanding and appreciation, time management, and audience targeting. My volunteering experience alongside study allowed me to move into a slightly different area to my degree, after a short time I was promoted to Deputy Coordinator, which gave me a huge amount of experience, relevant to the job I currently have.

What advice would you give to undergraduates?

Apply for everything – the worst they can say is “no thanks”, volunteer to get experience, make as many contacts as you can – people on different courses to you at uni, lecturers, etc – they may be useful at uni, or in the future. Keep any relevant coursework, or other evidence of what you can do and put together a portfolio to send off or take to interviews.