Career planning - next steps after graduation

By now you will probably have given some thought to your plans after graduating, and recent experiences may have helped refine your plans. For example, to pursue:

  1. Immediate entry to your chosen career
  2. A stop-gap job - to pay off some debts
  3. Experience related to your longer-term goals
  4. A gap year
  5. Further full-time or part-time study.

All these options require careful research and exploration if you are to avoid mistakes, which are costly in time and money! Plenty of help is available to help you explore possible routes – take time to use the linked resources.

On the other hand, you may still feel very uncertain about the future. Making career decisions is a PROCESS based on a careful evaluation of yourself, followed by a thorough exploration of the options.

Use the Careers Service web-site and the on-line Careerplan to help you begin this process in a systematic way. You can then make decisions you are able to justify and act upon with real energy and enthusiasm!

Task 7: Self-employment/Freelance working - Do you have the potential to run your own Arts business?

Task 8: Assessing the suitability of job roles

Task 9: Exploring career options - broadening and focusing your ideas

Task 10: Career action plan

Task 11: The art of networking - making, nurturing and using contacts

Task 12: Agency/audition records

Further resources on the web