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An networking technician at work
Additional Sources of information

These encourage students to identify useful organizations and ways of getting started, start networking early, make contacts for work shadowing or gaining relevant experience.

  1. The Chartered Institute for IT role profiles
  2. Labour market information – future trends in IT sector
  3. Paper-based: directories, careers magazines, profiles, visit Careers & Employability Service
  4. Graduate fairs including specialist sector-based
  5. Industry/business presentations, professional association meetings
  6. Contacts established through proactive networking
  7. Work experience, work shadowing, summer placements, volunteering
Professional associations

The Chartered Institute for IT (formerly known as British Computer Society) has a student section which includes career tips, profiles of students and graduates, self-marketing advice. The Professional Development section outlines career routes in the industry, includes Career Developer and Skills Developer tools, and offers support for university for placement students.
Skills Framework for the Information Age sets role standards for occupations in the industry. (formerly known as InfoBasis) has company case studies demonstrating the importance of skills awareness.

Of course talking to people in the industry is one of the best ways of becoming more informed, and the more time you can spend work-shadowing or networking within the sector the better equipped you will be for those interview questions!