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Students using Lego Mindstorm robots

How would you check the credentials (and avoid the cowboys!) of someone you needed to provide a specialist service for you? Maybe...


So how will you prove your expertise or persuade others to trust you with a job?


Just as presenting the results of your work to others requires preparation and practice, so presenting yourself to others (especially in applications and selection processes) needs a clear awareness of what you can offer.

The more aware you are of your strengths and qualities, with practical examples of how you have demonstrated them, the greater the impression you will make – this may be for promotion or a performance-related pay increase, as well as a new job!

The activities attached will help you prepare for the application process and persuade selectors to put you on the shortlist!




'CV tip here!'Your CV should be targeted to a specific role and specific company. You should ensure that the content matches the employers' job and/or person specification. There are resources to help from your Careers Advisory Service and from the Prospects graduate web site.