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Undergraduate documents

Postgraduate Masters documents

Research Degree documents


    padlock iconKey Skills Identification and Development

  1. Academic Skills Self-Assessment (Word 44.5KB)
  2. Building a Bank of Examples (Word 35KB)
  3. Key Skills Checklist (Word 47KB)
  4. Key Strengths (Word 36.5KB)
  5. Skills Development Plan/Areas for Improvement (Word 35KB)
  6. Skill Development Plan Stage 2(Word 58KB)
  7. Skill Development Plan Stage 3 (Word 67KB)
  8. Subject Skills Worksheet (Word 48KB)
  9. magnifying glass iconReview and Reflection

  10. Academic Progress Review Level 1 (Word 30KB)
  11. Academic Progress Review Level 2 (Word 30KB)
  12. Dissertation/Project Completion Review (Word 34KB)
  13. Dissertation SWOT Analysis (Word 32.5KB)
  14. Module Review Sheet (Word 36KB)
  15. Placement Learning Log/Diary (Word 51.5KB)
  16. Practising Reflection (Word 35KB)
  17. Qualifications Audit (Word 59KB)
  18. Reflecting on Academic Work (Word 29.5KB)
  19. Reflecting on Other Activities and Responsibilities (Word 38.5KB)
  20. Reflecting on paid part-time/summer vacation job (Word 39KB)
  21. Reflecting on voluntary work (Word 37.5KB)
  22. Reflective Commentary on Progress and Skills Development (Word 39KB)
  23. Skills Profile Chart (Word 36KB)
  24. Using your Current Workplace Experience (Word 33KB)
  25. Voluntary Experience End of term/Year evaluation (Word 33.5KB)
  26. Voluntary Placement Diary Introduction (Word 32KB)
  27. Voluntary Work Weekly Record (Word 32KB)
  28. Work Experience Audit (Word 597KB)
  29. target board iconAction Planning

  30. Academic Plan (Word 40.5KB)
  31. Broadening Your Options (Word 34.5KB)
  32. Career Action Plan Levels 1 and 2 (Word 56.5KB)
  33. Career Action Plan Level 3 (Word 36KB)
  34. CV Skeleton - Level 1 (Word 32KB)
  35. Dissertation/Project Planning Chart (Word 86.5)
  36. Identifying Interests and Motivation (Word 51.5KB)
  37. 'I don't know what I want to do' (Word 41.5KB)
  38. 'I want a job with prospects' (Word 46.5KB)
  39. 'I want an interesting job' (Word 38KB)
  40. Job Roles Research Record (Word 79KB)
  41. Networking Research Exercise (Word 33.5KB)
  42. Refining Your CV - Levels 2 and 3 (Word 40KB)
  43. clipboard iconAdministrative Documents

  44. Personal Details Form Year 1 (Word 41.5KB)
  45. Record of Meeting 1 (Word 33KB)
  46. Record of Meeting 2 (Word 33KB)
  47. Record of Meeting 3 (Word 33KB)
  48. Record of Meeting 4 (Word 32.5KB)
  49. Resources

  50. The Art of Translation (Word 35.5KB)
  51. Ways to Develop Your Skills (PDF 89KB)
  52. Student Information Pack 2008/09 (PDF)

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Postgraduate Masters


  1. Personal Learning Diary (Word 25.5KB)
  2. Welcome to NUPAD Personal Development Planning for Masters Students (PDF 146KB)
  3. Objectives

  4. Setting Your Learning Objectives for the Period of Study (Word 30KB)
  5. Tutorials

  6. Recording Issues/Actions from Meetings with Your Tutor (Word 43.5KB)
  7. Skills

  8. Cognitive and Intellectual Skills (Word 40KB)
  9. Key Transferable Skills (Word 37KB)
  10. Applying Skills to Work-Based Practice (Word 31.5KB)
  11. Reflection

  12. Evaluate How You have Achieved the Intended Learning Outcomes of Your Modules (Word 39.5KB)
  13. Module Review Sheet (Word 33.5KB)
  14. A Summary for Your Mid-Point Review (Word 31.5KB)
  15. Practising Reflection (Word 37.5KB)
  16. Practice Writing Reflectively on an Academic Experience (Word 23.5KB)
  17. Practice Writing Reflectively on Work-Based Learning (Word 24KB)
  18. Practice Writing Reflectively on How You are Managing the Progress of Your Dissertation/Project (Word 23.5KB)
  19. Action-Planning

  20. Skill Development Action Plan (Word 36KB)
  21. Monitoring the Progress of Your Dissertation/Project (Word 32KB)
  22. Career Progression Action Plan (Word 30.5KB)
  23. Project Management Chart (Word 41.5KB)
  24. Dissertation Progress Sheet (Word 32KB)
  25. Next Steps

  26. Career Progression Action Plan (Word 30.5KB)

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Research Degree

  1. Research Degree Student Summary Record
  2. Student's Progress Summary Record
  3. Training Record
  4. Academic and Transferable Skills Self-Audit and Development Plan - At Start
  5. Academic and Transferable Skills Self-Audit and Development Plan - At Transfer
  6. Academic and Transferable Skills Self-Audit and Development Plan - At End
  7. Skill Development Action Plan
  8. Practising Reflection
  9. Reflective Writing Template

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