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Skills Development

Skills Development

You will be used to recording your developing skills and identifying examples from different contexts which demonstrate your abilities. This is especially important for completing job application forms, writing personal statements for further study opportunities, and for performing well at selection interviews!

The ability to analyse your examples and show how you can apply or transfer your skills to new work contexts is a very valuable skill in itself. Adaptability and flexibility are very highly valued in a fast-changing world.

For example, this means ensuring that your CV focuses not just on what you have done - the tasks and responsibilities - but on the skills you developed as a result. It is your potential for transferring the skills gained from all your different learning experiences to the demands of a new role which the employer wants to see. This must be clearly presented and expressed in the language of skills which the employer will understand!

Update your Skills Development Plan (Word 70.5KB) which at level 3 helps you identify specific examples of learning from each module.

This is also a good time to Refine your CV (Word 36.5KB) .

CAREERPLAN is a useful resource to help you with this process.


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