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Review and Reflection

Review & Reflection

Learning is most effective when you take time to think through the process and impact of your experiences and attempt to make sense of your thoughts, feelings and reactions. Such reflection can help you to identify patterns, resolve issues, and make decisions for tackling new situations in the future.

For example:

  1. Following completion of each module, use the Module Review Sheet (Word 36KB)
  2. Following completion of your dissertation, review your project using the Dissertation/Project Completion Review (Word 34KB).

It's also useful to think about how your experiences outside university relate to your formal studies and vice-versa, and to identify strengths, qualities and attitudes which will increase your understanding of yourself. This will make it much easier to present yourself to others, e.g. in a personal statement, CV or interview. Refining Your CV document (Word 36.5KB)

You may well have to complete reflective evaluations or accounts within assignments. The guidance on Reflective Writing will help.

Student thinking

  Reflective Writing
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