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Tutorial Support

Tutorial Support

Generally second year students should take the initiative in meeting with their tutor to discuss progress. Remember that you are entitled to these meetings, which will help you establish goals, keep your academic progress on track, and begin exploring possible next steps. You should prepare for these meetings and keep a record of action points in order to benefit from the support available.

For example many students benefit from help available at the Centre for Academic Practice to move their marks up a grade, to gain confidence in a specific skill, or overcome a particular problem, e.g. how to write reports, how to structure an essay. You could also refer back to the resource, Ways to develop your skills (PDF 89KB).

Part-time jobs, work placements and voluntary work can also help you apply your developing skills in workplace settings and improve your future employment prospects.

This may seem to be very early to be thinking about your plans after graduation, but you will need time to research options and opportunities, work through the process of career decision-making, and build relevant skills and experience into your CV.

Note that some organisations and postgraduate courses have closing dates for applications in the autumn of your third year!

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