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Review and Reflection

Review and Reflection

Regularly reviewing your progress and taking time to understand your feelings and attitudes towards your experiences will help to clarify in your mind both what and how you are learning.

You should become more aware of your skills and strengths, and how to overcome barriers to success in your studies, which will give you a greater sense of confidence in your progress. This will be particularly valuable for future personal and professional development, as the ability to critically reflect on achievements and set goals is increasingly important in the workplace.

To get the most out of your PDP activities in these pages:

  • Record experiences and achievements that demonstrate your academic progress and skills development. Complete the exercises within Review your Achievements to help you remember the detail of things you have done recently;

  • Reflect critically on the problems, challenges and lessons involved;

  • Use part-time and vacation employment and voluntary activities to gain relevant experience;

  • Find out about opportunities for structured vacation work placements - many of which require applications to be submitted in the first half of your second year.

Building a bank of examples (Word 32KB) of your skills and experience and maintaining a record of specific examples will be immensely useful once you start making applications for placements, temporary employment, as well as more permanent work opportunities later. Go to Key Skills section for further help with this.


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