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Action Planning

Action Planning

As emphasized last year, taking time to clarify your goals and break them down into realistic and achievable targets will really help your chances of success, both academically and in other areas. Refer back to setting SMART goals in level 1.

Academic Goals

Setting development objectives will help you make best use of the support available, and achieve better grades.

Use the Stage 2 Skills Development Plan (Word 62KB) to identify any gaps and think about what you will need to succeed both on your course and for future career plans. There may be additional skills which you should add to the list, enter comments, actions, targets and intentions in the third column of the Stage 2 Development Plan..

Consider the following :-

  • What is expected of me overall in Stage 2 of this course? How is this different to year 1?

  • What is expected of me in each module: what is the schedule of classes and how will I be assessed?

  • Where am I likely to do well? And where am I likely not to do so well?

  • Will I approach my studies differently in Stage 2? If so, how?

  • Which skills are obviously very important? How good is my performance in this skill? What do I need to do?

  • What do I want to achieve? What goals or targets should I set?

Think about the support that is available to you to help maximise your potential. Many students use the resources available through the Centre for Academic Practice to move their marks up a grade, to gain confidence in a specific skill, or to overcome a particular problem, e.g. how to write reports, how to analyse a problem, how to structure material for an essay.

Refer back to Ways to Develop your Skills. Part-time jobs and voluntary work can help provide opportunities to apply skills in workplace settings. However, be realistic about what you can achieve, set yourself dates so that you can check your progress!

Archery targets

  Career Planning
  Improving Your Future Chances
  Gaining relevant work-related experience
  Start cultivating contacts
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