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Tutorial Support

Your personal tutor is there to support you through your studies, and in recording and reflecting tasks which are part of the PDP process. He/she will be appointed for a year at a time (or sometimes for the whole period of your course) and will be your first main point of academic and personal support. It's important that you feel able to talk to them - if this could prove a problem, ask your course leader if they can link you up with someone else. Also, if you're not sure who your tutor is, your course leader is the person to ask.

You should make the most of meeting regularly during the year, so that your tutor can:

  • Provide references for job applications
  • Act as first point of contact for advice on academic or personal matters
  • Take an interest in your academic progress across all modules
  • Help you to monitor and evaluate the developments of your skills
  • Support you in compiling your PDP records.

The schedule of four tutorials and topics is a standard format for Joint and Combined Honours. Tutorial support for your programme may vary slightly in frequency and content.



Meetings With Your Tutor
1 What talent, skills and qualities do I have?
2 How can I develop my talents, skills and qualities?
3 How am I doing? and Module Choices for next year
4 Academic Skills
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