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Why Bother?

student working at computerThis sounds like a lot of extra work, on top of assignments - is it really necessary?

Your degree course isn't just about your interest and ability in the subject(s) you are studying, but also about developing a range of skills, which are crucial for completing your course successfully. If you don't record what you have been doing, and identify specific targets for development, you may well forget these experiences, and your learning may not be so effective.

  • Thinking about what you do makes you better at doing it!
  • Writing down what you have done or plan to do makes it clearer in your mind and easier to explain to other people.

In the workplace most employees have to look back at their progress and identify goals for future development and progression, so it is a habit worth developing! In fact, all students in UK Higher Education are being encouraged to reflect and record their learning in this way.

The ability to analyse your experiences and articulate the skills you have used will prove invaluable throughout your career - from obtaining a sought-after work experience placement, completing graduate application forms, explaining your personal development at interview, or convincing your employer that you deserve promotion!

So, keeping a regular record will help you to:

  • Become more aware of the skills you already have
  • Identify and develop those skills you need to succeed
  • Provide a useful source of information and evidence when applying for jobs
  • Focus your thinking about possible career options
  • Evaluate your strengths, aptitudes, and interests, and build a strong CV
  • Reflect regularly upon your progress and longer term plans


'PDP is not just completing the portfolio, but a lifetime attitude that enables me to identify, develop and evaluate ongoing process of developing myself'
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