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Mature Students

mature studentAs a mature student you may already have some experience of skills mapping, reflective practice, learning styles, career planning, CV and interview technique. The decision to return to education may have been step one of your career plan, but it's still useful to regularly reassess your goals and adapt your plans accordingly.

Using this guide will help you to pull together in one place all the experience you have accumulated, and also set new goals for the future. Taking a fresh look at your skills and competencies can only increase your confidence.

Identifying skills

Some of the examples provided may not seem relevant - you may well have work and family responsibilities and no spare time for extracurricular activities. But in identifying your strengths, think laterally: juggling family life and your studies shows commitment, organisation, time-management and adaptability - all important skills, both for study and employment.

You probably have many examples of applying your skills in varied situations: helping in a playgroup, listening to reading in school, committee responsibility for a local club, attending night classes, links with industry or a professional body, and voluntary work.

If you have come back to study to facilitate a change in career, your past work experience may at first seem irrelevant. However, analysing your job roles in terms of key skills will help you to maximise your prior experience and relate it to your chosen field.

So you're ready to make a start?

'I found the application form for this work experience opportunity much easier to complete because all the examples of my skills were already in my PDP. I'm really glad I did it and wish I had continued it in the second year.'

History Student

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Mature Students
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