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Key Skills

Key Skills

Key or transferable skills are those abilities not specific to your course which can be developed and used in a wide range of situations. It's worth noting that most employers place great importance on them and if you can show a high level of competence in key skills on your CV, you may well have a real advantage! (See Employer Perspective)

During university you should gradually become more responsible for your own learning. You will practice a wide range of key skills, while your extra-curricular activities will also give you valuable experience of applying useful skills in different contexts.

Go to Northampton's Key Skills for the list of the main groups of skills you are likely to acquire or improve during your course and some suggestions on ways to develop them further. The list is not exhaustive and you may want to add other skills to it, but it makes a good starting point.

To improve academic skills, remember you can use the Centre for Academic Practice

To improve transferable skills, volunteering is really valuable. The University of Northampton Community Volunteers

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  Northampton's Key Skills
  Employer Perspective

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