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example of editable word documentThe sections include links to editable Word documents. Clicking on these links will open a word document in a new window which you can either print out and fill in, or type your own text in the marked areas and save on your computer or to disk or memory stick. These documents will form the basis of your Personal Development Planning Records.

To make it easy to fill in the right areas, certain parts of the word documents are protected. You may want to unprotect the documents, so that you can, for example, copy and paste the information or delete the example given.

To Unprotect a word document:

1) Click Tools on the top menu

2) Choose Unprotect Document

You can save as many different versions of each word document as you like. So, for example, if you want to complete a Skills Audit every year, or if you want to revise your goals regularly, you can simply save the word document with a different name each time.

To Save a document:

1) Click File on the top menu

2) Choose Save As

3) Choose the location where you want to save the file

4) Rename the file if you wish

5) Click the Save button

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'The portfolio helps me see what factors are affecting my career choice, where I am heading and what my next steps will be.

'Reflective writing is a very good way to evaluate what has happened and how we can learn from these experiences. It has made me think about what my strong points are, how I have grown as a person, and how I can use the skills gained at university within the working world - it has been a very worthwhile process.'

Combined Honours HRM student

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