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Action Planning

Action Planning

It's all too easy to have good intentions, but we often find it more difficult to actually put our ideas and plans into practice and make real progress. Action planning is a way of making objectives clear and identifying steps we need to take in order to reach our goals.

Recording these steps in an 'Action Plan' can help you to:

  • set targets and identify key objectives
  • be more committed to achieving them
  • develop research, planning, and decision-making skills
  • take more control over your learning and personal development
  • understand how to make things happen in small stages

You can use action planning in any area of your life, but at this stage use the SMART model to set yourself some study targets based on recent tutor feedback. List the steps needed to achieve your goals on the Academic Plan (Word 40.5KB).

It may be helpful to refer back to your completed Key Strengths and/or Skill Development Plan as discussed with your personal tutor.

Planning for your future

This process is very useful for thinking about longer-term goals: Career Planning for the Future and the linked documents will help you think about your interests and priorities. It's never too early to start gaining relevant experience and test out some possible options, perhaps through volunteering or work-shadowing, which could really improve your chances of success!

You may need to update and refine you CV to apply for such opportunities - see Creating a CV.

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