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Programme Framework

Required at Transfer

Table showing framework of study requirements at Transfer

Assessment Item Organisation Assessor Report
Plan of Work 2 - at Transfer Supervisor Research Degrees Board (RDB) Report to Research Degrees Committee (RDC) (but not the plan of work)
Research Seminar Supervisor Supervisor plus one other academic staff member, usually from the Research Group (or equivalent) Proforma report to Research Degrees Board (RDB)
Two draft chapters placing the research project in the context of existing scholarship and covering methodological issues Supervisor Supervisor Proforma report to Research Degrees Board (RDB) for approval. Notification of approval from RDB to Research Degrees Committee (RDC) at Transfer .
Viva voce Supervisor Two or three members of academic staff or externals, at least one of whom is not a member of the student's supervisory team.

One proforma report completed by the supervisor in consultation with other assessors to RDB.

Notification of satisfactory completion from RDB to RDC at Transfer.

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