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Academic & Transferable Skills

Key Transferable Skills

Personal effectiveness – to be able to:

  • Demonstrate a willingness and ability to learn and acquire knowledge
  • Be creative, innovative and original in one's approach to research
  • Demonstrate flexibility and open-mindedness
  • Demonstrate self-discipline, motivation, and thoroughness
  • Recognise boundaries and draw upon/use sources of support as appropriate
  • Show initiative, work independently and be self-reliant

Communication skills – to be able to:

  • Write clearly and in a style appropriate to purpose, e.g. progress reports, published documents, thesis
  • Construct coherent arguments and articulate ideas clearly to a range of audiences, formally and informally through a variety of techniques
  • Constructively defend research outcomes at seminars and viva examination
  • Justify one's own research to the funding bodies and promote public understanding of one's research field
  • Effectively support the learning of others when involved in teaching, mentoring or demonstrating activities

Networking and Teamworking – to be able to:

  • Develop and maintain co-operative networks and working relationships with supervisors, colleagues and peers within the institution and the wider research community
  • Understand one's behaviour and impact on others when working in and contributing to the success of formal and informal teams
  • Listen, give and receive feedback and respond effectively to others

Career management – to be able to:

  • Appreciate the need for and show commitment to continued professional development
  • Take ownership for and manage one's career progression, set realistic and achievable career goals, and identify and develop ways to improve employability
  • Demonstrate an insight into the transferable nature of research skills to other work environments and the range of career opportunities within and outside academia
  • Present one's skills, personal attributes and experiences through effective CVs, applications and interviews

@ UK Research Councils/AHRB Skills training requirements for Research Students May 2001

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