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Academic & Transferable Skills

Academic/Research Skills

Research skills and Techniques – to be able to demonstrate:

  • The ability to recognise and validate problems
  • Original, independent and critical thinking, and ability to develop theoretical concepts
  • A knowledge of recent advances within one's field and in related areas
  • An understanding of relevant research methodologies and techniques and their appropriate application within one's research field
  • The ability to analyse critically and evaluate one's findings and those of others
  • An ability to summarise, document, report and reflect on progress

Research environment – to be able to:

  • Show a broad understanding of the context in which research takes place
  • Demonstrate awareness of issues relating to the rights of other researchers and of research subjects, e.g. confidentiality, attribution, copyright, ethics, malpractice, ownership of data and the requirements of the Data Protection Act
  • Understand relevant health and safety issues and demonstrate responsible working practices
  • Understand the processes for funding and evaluation of research
  • Gain an understanding of the process of academic or commercial exploitation of research results

Research management – to be able to:

  • Apply effective project management through the setting of research goals, intermediate milestones and prioritisation of activities
  • Design and execute systems for the acquisition and collation of information through the effective use of appropriate resources and equipment
  • Identify and access appropriate bibliographical resources, archives, and other sources of relevant information
  • Use information technology appropriately for database management, recording and presenting information

@ UK Research Councils/AHRB Skills training requirements for Research Students May 2001

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