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Monitoring Progress

Research Diary

The research diary sits alongside the record of training activities and related events/interactions, and is designed to support you in managing your research project and in articulating your associated personal and career development. You can simply make notes in the relevant spaces, or choose to build a more in-depth record of your progress – use the reflective pages to record at least some learning activities in greater depth.

It is very easy to forget the relevance of a particular workshop/ presentation, meeting/discussion, or other source of inspiration or insight. The habit of recording your feelings and reactions to such experiences is an important one to develop, whether you plan to continue working in a research career or whether you eventually seek a career outside. Most employing organizations place great emphasis both in their selection processes and staff development review mechanisms on skills development, awareness and articulation, and the ability to reflect on a range of learning experiences, and transfer the skills gained to new contexts.

Training Record – to include generic and discipline training, seminars, conferences, supervisory meetings, will remind you of key learning points, relevance to project and personal development, and contacts for follow-up.

Transfer key information from the Training Record to your Progress Summary for next supervisory discussion, and incorporate into a revised Plan of Work.

  Progress Summary
  Research Diary
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