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Programme Framework

Project-based Training

The project-specific training component of the programme should be seen as the day-to-day business of supervision. It is training entirely (or largely) directed by the student's supervisory team.

The project-specific component of the training programme aims to provide research students with training and support appropriate to their own training needs in relation to their particular research project.

This component of the programme is largely devised in negotiation between the research student and the student's supervisory team. Progress in this component is documented in the Plan of Work (which also forms the basis of the Discipline-based training component).

Fulfilling training needs recognised in the Plan of Work may require the student, for example, to:

  • acquire information from library sources;
  • attend internal or external courses, conferences, workshops or seminars;
  • visit researchers at other institutions or establishments;
  • spend time developing expertise in a particular skill or technique.

This component may therefore be delivered from a wide variety of sources.

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