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Next Steps

Next Steps

Planning and managing your future career

Many research students these days will want to explore opportunities for employment in industry, commerce and other organizations, as well as the possibility of continuing with an academic career. The ability to recognize and clearly articulate the wide range of skills gained from your research activities, and appreciate how these can be transferred to new contexts, will help open up a wide range of possibilities.

Sessions within your generic training programme delivered by careers guidance professionals from Educational & Careers Guidance Services of the university will help you consider possible next steps and strategies for gaining relevant experience and networking to improve your prospects. It is important that plenty of time is given for these activities well ahead of the end of your research programme. In this section you will find some useful web-sites and resources to help you generate ideas, clarify objectives, and start the process of identifying possible opportunities.

Prospects Planner is an excellent way of assessing your skills, interests and motivations and relating them to possible career options – it is available on the graduate careers web-site, which also holds a very wide range of detailed information on occupations, further study, working and studying abroad, and graduate employment. It also includes the text for ‘Your PhD…What Next?', which is also available in hard copy from the careers information centre within Avenue Student Services.

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