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Introduction and Welcome

Welcome you to The University of Northampton on behalf of your fellow research students.

The Graduate School is a friendly and helpful place, and it is through here that many aspects of your passage as a research student will be organised.

One important aspect of your PhD will be the postgraduate training that you will undertake throughout your studies. The types of training you will receive will help to equip you with the skills and tools you need to successfully carry out the research specific to your project, and also provide you with general skills common to the work of all PhD students. This training can be formally arranged, such as the dedicated workshops run by The Graduate School, whilst other aspects of your training may be related to the experiences you gain in carrying out your research project e.g. attending conferences.

The development of skills through the training you receive and the experience you gain as you undertake your research is a key outcome of your PhD. A record of the attributes, experiences and achievements you acquire will be of great benefit, and this is the purpose of the Personal Development Portfolio. The portfolio is an aid for research students at The University of Northampton that will help you to obtain the most from your research degree. The entire idea of the portfolio was recently devised with the collaboration of existing PhD students at The University of Northampton so it has truly been developed with the benefit of the student in mind.

Have a look at the Purpose of the Student Portfolio, then use the menu across the top to navigate around the different pages.

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