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Programme Framework

Induction and Generic Training


The induction component provides a short, intensive introduction to the University of Northampton and to the research environment, at the outset of a research student's course. All students are required to attend the first induction workshop provided for this programme after their enrolment as a postgraduate student unless an alternative programme has been approved by the Framework Coordinator.

Generic Training

The programme for the Generic Training component provides a series of workshops which aim at raising the students' awareness of issues to be tackled and tasks undertaken in carrying out postgraduate research. The Generic Workshops attempt to provide training in appropriate key (transferable) skills.

The skills include:

  • To consider the ways in which research can be presented in writing, graphics, through oral presentation and using other media
  • To help students to develop skills associated with personal management such as monitoring their own progress, managing their time and dealing with their supervisor.

Throughout the programme students develop key skills (sometimes called 'transferable' or 'core' skills). The Generic Training component addresses a number of these key skills directly. In particular, students receive training in core skills associated with:

  • oral and written communication;
  • self management (managing time, monitoring progress, etc.)
  • information technology;
  • critical thinking and problem solving;
  • interpersonal communication and negotiation;
  • career development and planning.

Successful completion of the Generic Training component of the programme is tested on completion of the workshop programme (usually at around 4 months after enrolment for full-time students, 8 months for part-time students).

  Induction and Generic Training
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