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Practising In-Depth Reflection

Student reflectingLearning is most effective when time is taken to think through the process and impact of your experiences and to attempt to make sense of your thoughts, feelings and reactions. Such reflection can enable you to identify patterns, resolve uncertainties and make decisions for tackling new situations in the future.

Documents for completion:

Document to completePractising Reflection


Document to completePersonal Learning Diary


To explore reflection further, have a look at How to write a reflective account. This material will prompt you to think more deeply about selected learning experiences by writing reflective accounts.

Reflective practice is an important skill which is strongly encouraged in the workplace and by many professionals.

A number of theoretical models have been devised to illustrate cycles of reflection. Gibbs' Model of Reflection is an example of these.

  Practising In-Depth Reflection
  How to write a reflective account
  Practising in-depth reflection - Gibbs' Model of Reflection

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