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Generic Learning Outcomes at Masters Level

  • Much of the study undertaken at Masters level will be at, or informed by, the forefront of an academic or professional discipline.
  • Students will show originality in the application of knowledge, and they will understand how the boundaries of knowledge are advanced through research.
  • They will be able to deal with complex issues both systematically and creatively, and they will show originality in tackling and solving problems.
  • They will have the qualities needed for employment in circumstances requiring sound judgment, personal responsibility and initiative, in complex and unpredictable professional environments.

Personal development records such as these are designed to help you:

  • map the skills and qualities your learning is developing;
  • identify your strengths, and articulate & present these effectively;
  • enable you to plan future learning and professional development;
  • improve both academic performance and effective practice in other contexts.

Such activities and records are now common both for students on all modes of study/levels, and in workplace staff review systems, so keeping track of your personal progress is a habit worth cultivating!

Not all tasks will be appropriate to all students. However, whatever your mode of study or work-related circumstances, reviewing your learning development and setting objectives for progression are valuable activities.

So, if it seems more appropriate you may customize your own record by taking the main headings and keeping your own diary, on disk or memory stick, of your progress and thoughts on this as you go along.

Click on the following to work on different sections of your PDP record:

Establishing what you hope to achieve

Benefiting from tutorial support

Checking how well you are developing Masters-level skills

Reviewing and reflecting on progress in your academic work

Action-planning to help you achieve your goals

Planning next steps after completing your programme

Designing your own personal learning and development diary

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