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Introduction and Welcome

Welcome to The University of Northampton and to your Masters level programme of study. These pages are designed to enable you get the most out of your course and enable you to reflect on and aid the learning and development of those higher level skills associated with Masters level education. This format for PDP may or may not be familiar to you, but it is designed to complement other types of personal recording that you may have experienced either at work or through other levels of education.

At Northampton we have tried to integrate this style of reflective practice directly with the learning that you complete within the various modules of study. One section of this PDP asks you to consider how this has been achieved by requiring you to list the various module learning outcomes (for each module studied in your programme) and show how you have attempted to achieve or complete these outcomes. We would also ask you to reflect on how the module at course level encouraged you to reflect on the PDP process. Together we hope that this will help you to link the course to your PDP (and vice versa) and to your learning as a whole.

Have a look at the Generic Learning Outcomes at Masters level, then use the menu across the top to navigate around the different pages.

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In today's workplace, habits of reflection and planning are strongly encouraged in the form of personal development reviews or appraisals and as part of Continuing Professional Development. Keeping records up to date and noting your thoughts, progress, and aspirations, will not only build a valuable resource for future job, placement or course applications, but also help build a successful career.

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