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Using MyPAD e-portfolio facility on NILE to support your academic studies 

Too many assignment deadlines looming? 

MyPAD a plan of work to help you get everything done on time

Are you disappointed with your grade? 

Look back over tutor comments and MyPAD some action points to remind yourself how you could improve next time.  Don't forget CfAP resources, and NUPAD pages for developing skills.

Lecture or seminar topic you found difficult? 

Revisit your notes and MyPAD any useful pointers or insights, then exchange notes with a friend, or perhaps with the group via a discussion board.

Need some guidance?

Use any chances you're given for study support and tutorials, but MyPAD notes on your questions or ideas beforehand, so that you get the most from them!

How do you rate your learning experience on each module?

MyPAD a brief summary of your progress, specific skills developed, or any particular insights - about the topic, or about yourself.  NUPAD has checklists and prompts to help you do this.

Keeping a reflective blog about your studies