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My future

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Using MyPAD e-portfolio facility on NILE to plan for your future 

Do you know what jobs are out there for graduates?

How you might use your subject in your career?

Where to start looking for relevant experience?

How to put together a CV or covering letter?

MyPAD a link to Careerplan, our on-line career management programme, and use it to answer all these questions and more!

MyPAD notes on things you need to find out, in a career action plan - a template is available on NUPAD, with useful links.

Ask for help from the Careers Team in the Student Centre, and use their resources to broaden and then focus your options.

MyPAD a record of all your career contacts, networking, placement applications and job application details - all your records in one place!

Keeping a reflective blog on plans for my future