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General reflection

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Some general tips on keeping a reflective journal 

Reflecting on your experiences helps you make sense of them and understand more clearly what was going on. Thinking more deeply about situations and your reactions to them can help you to consider new approaches in the future – it is a habit highly valued in employment and society in general.

So, what does a reflective blog look like? 

To start off, you could create a blog to record your thoughts on why you came to study at Northampton and your reasons for choosing your course, perhaps also where you hope it will lead in relation to your future goals…


For each of the suggested sections you might create in MyPAD, there are quotes from students who think keeping reflective records is useful.

There are also examples of reflective notes – these are all in narrative prose, but remember this is not essential – your reflections could be a brainstorm in diagrammatic form, quick bullet points at the end of the day or week, or even a video clip of a conversation with a friend!


‘A good day. Enjoyed the session. Made contributions. Really liked it when we saw the video and discussed it. I got very involved in the debate which surprised me. I hadn’t thought I felt so strongly. Not sure why I do. Why do I…..?’

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